Your Tuxedo and Suit Guide for Prom 2017

Your Tuxedo and Suit Guide for Prom 2017

Top Prom Trends for Spring

Spring is in the air which means prom is near! If deciding what to wear to prom is a major task for you because you’re also juggling extracurriculars, spring sports, and a social life, worry no more. We’re here to help with top prom trends for 2017.


Blue is the new black

Blue is a very popular color in the formal wear world this year. From mystic blue to midnight blue and every shade in between, wearing a blue tux or blue suit will most definitely help you stand out in the crowd and on the dance floor.

What is mystic blue you ask? It’s our take on a brighter version of navy. The updated hue gives an effortlessly fresh and modern feeling and looks great in photos. The best thing about a blue suit or tux is that while it’s a fun color, it also plays well others. No matter what color your date chooses for their attire, any accessory color will look great with blue.


Midnight Blue Tuxedo Prom 2017


If you’re attending prom in mid-to-late April, consider our brand new Mystic Blue tux or Bright Blue Suit. You’ll be the freshest dude on the dance floor with an exclusive outfit unseen at any other prom.


Red carpet vibes

If you’re leaning more towards the red carpet style seen at this year’s Grammys and Oscars, consider the classic black tux with a shawl lapel or the midnight blue tux. It’s a more classic, old-school look, that’s made a huge comeback in the past year. You might also consider going with a black dress shirt with your black tux to up your “dark and mysterious” game.


Black on Black Tuxedo - Red Carpet Oscars Prom 2017


Accessorize that suit, bro.

Riding solo this year? Good for you. You can pick any color or style you’d like. The hot colors for this spring are seen in the Pantone Spring Color Report and include shades like Greenery, Yarrow, Flame, and Island Paradise. Check out the styles below for style inspiration based on those colors.


Pantone Suit and Tux Colors for Spring Prom 2017


You don’t always get to wear a tux to school, so prom is the time to remind your classmates of your impeccable style and swag. Choose wisely, but most importantly, make sure you have the time of your life!


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