2017 Inaugural Ball Looks

2017 Inaugural Ball Looks

Presidential or Patriotic?

In just a few months, Washington DC and the surrounding areas will be booming with well-dressed folks from all over the world. We've put together a few Inaugural Ball inspired looks that range from presidential to patriotic.


Dressing up your tux with a bit of color can be fun! Pair it with a colorful, but tasteful bowtie, pocket square or vest.

Inaugural Ball Looks Red and Blue


Exude confidence and class with a classic black tuxedo and bowtie.

Inaugural Ball Looks Black Tie


 If the event is white tie, be sure to dress the part. Pair your tux with a white bowtie (neck ties are not formal enough for this occasion) and accessorize the suit with a matching white pocket square and coordinating cuff links.

Inaugural Ball Looks White TIe


There’s always the opportunity to have a little fun as well! We’ve gone all out with this one and channeled our inner patriot with our red, white and black tux!

Inaugural Ball Looks Red White and Black Tie