5 Alternatives to a Traditional Gift Registry

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Gift Registry

Out for gift registries are dining plates and linens and in are GoPros and honeymoons. Because does any couple actually say that they can’t wait to receive some new sheets and towels for their wedding? So why not receive items you’ll not only be excited about, but also actually use, and in doing so make for an even more memorable wedding. Today we’re sharing a few alternatives to the traditional gift registry.  

Honeymoon Honeypot

This is a double whammy because not only does it make a great gift for a couple, but it takes out the stress of planning and budgeting a honeymoon for what’s already an expensive and stressful time. Plus, which are you going to cherish more, a honeymoon or a pair of flannel sheets? There are a number of honeymoon registries out there, such as Honeyfund, which makes it easy for guests to easily send money for a couple’s honeymoon.

Charitable donation

As great as gifts are, some couple simply don’t need it or would rather use it as an opportunity to give back to their favorite charity. Several different charitable registries are out there, such as The Knot, which makes it easy for couples to simply add a charity to a traditional registry page. Other ways include the I Do Foundation, which allows couples to create a charity registry by selecting the organization (or organizations) that guests can donate to.

New home contribution

This is perhaps the most practical gift registry for the long-term. Couples are likely either moving into a new home, planning on moving into a new home after their wedding, or working towards it. This further helps them accomplish that goal, and makes it less stressful by having some help from the beginning. Registries like this include Hatch My House, which acts as a gift registry to save for a down payment or renovation of a house. It can also be as simple as just telling guests that for your wedding you’re collecting toward a down payment for a house, rather than a traditional registry.

Non-traditional gift registry

So perhaps new China or linens isn’t your ideal wedding gift registry. Think about having a registry with items that you want and will actually use. If you do a lot of outdoor activities, add a GoPro to it. If you need a new TV, add that, too. Several websites allow you to create a registry for anything and everything, which includes Thankful, MyRegistry, and SimpleRegistry, which makes it easy for a group of friends to go in together on big-item gifts.

Gift card registry

With a gift card registry, it takes out some of the work from your guests, and gives you more freedom to use it when and how you want it. While you can organize this independently, Card Avenue is a website which allows you to create a registry page with info, amounts, and stores and allows guests to easily send them to you.