Lesser Known Caribbean Islands

Lesser Known Caribbean Islands

For A Honeymoon

Most people are probably already familiar with some of the most well known Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica, Aruba, and the Bahamas, which are the most popular Caribbean islands among travelers and honeymooners alike. However, there are a lot of great lesser-known Caribbean islands that have all of the same perks, but less of the crowds. Here are a few of the best lesser-known Caribbean islands for a honeymoon.



Roatan gets overlooks in part because it’s not a Carribean island country, but rather the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands, off the coast of Central America. Roatan is particularly great for adventure honeymooners, as it’s one of the best Caribbean islands for diving (and home to the Caribbean’s largest barrier reef), with many hotels, such as Anthony’s Key Resort offering dive vacations. Yet you’ll find many of your token luxury Caribbean resorts, such as Pristine Bay Resort or Barefoot Cay. Additionally, like most of the popular Caribbean islands, Roatan now has non-stop flights from a handful of U.S. cities.



That’s Dominica, and not Dominican Republic. This is the Caribbean island for the offbeat, natural adventure couple, as Dominica is characterized by unique terrain that includes mountainous rainforest, hot springs, and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. On Dominica, the accommodations are much more boutique, such as Rosalie Bay, an eco-boutique and wellness resort, and Secret Bay, an award-winning small luxury hotel. This is a great island for diving and snorkeling, such as Champagne Reef, which gets its name from the warm bubbles that are constantly rising up the water as a result of underground volcanic activity.



Grenada, also known as the Spice Island, is located just north of South America (northeast of Venezuela), featuring one main island and several smaller islands. Continuing with the diving theme, Grenada is another great Caribbean diving destination, in part for its coral reefs, but also its fantastic wreck diving, including the Bianca C, which is considered one of the best wreck dives in the world. The water off of Grenada is also known for the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, just a couple miles off shore. Among the hotels is the all-inclusive Sandals LaSource Grenada, considered one of Sandals’ top luxury hotels. It, plus many of Grenada’s other great honeymoon hotels, such as Laluna Beach Resort and Villas, are just a couple miles from the airport.



Situated nearly halfway between St. Lucia and Dominica, Martinique is unique in that it’s a little slice of France in the Caribbean, since it’s a French island. Here you’ll find French charm combined with a Caribbean landscape, which particularly is exuded in its French-inspired cuisine and European-esque villages. The hotels exude that same charm, including the trendy La Suite Villa boutique hotel and Plein Soleil Hotel. However, there are more all-inclusive accommodation options on Martinique, such as Club Med Buccaneer's Creek. Martinique is unique in that it features ferry service that connects it with St. Lucia, Dominica, and other nearby islands. 



Nevis is the smaller of the two islands that comprises the island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Here you get some of that Old Caribbean vibe that is devoid of franchises and streetlights. Additionally, it’s one of the only Caribbean islands that has a large population of wild monkeys. While there aren’t nearly as many hotels as many of the Caribbean islands, the hotels they do have pack a punch, such as the Montpelier Plantation, frequently named as one of the top hotels in the Caribbean, and the Four Seasons Resort Nevis.