Popular Pocket Square Folds and What They Say About You

Popular Pocket Square Folds and What They Say About You

Pocket squares may seem like a modern fashion innovation, but it’s air for flair has been around for more centuries than you can count on two hands. About four thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, wealthy Egyptians were carrying the first true pocket squares made of bleached white linen. It was looked to as a status symbol and its texture and colors continued to evolve in Greece, Rome, England, France, all through Europe, the world, and into the present day. By the 1900’s, no fashionable man left home without a pocket square. Today, we not only have a variety of options with color, pattern, and texture to express yourself, but also a variety of folds. So without further ado, here’s a few popular pocket square folds and what they say about you.


classic pocket square fold


The classic fold is the easiest to master. After a few folds and tucking it into your pocket, you end up showing off the rolled edges or unique stitching. This is pure form meets functionality. Total hipster territory. Something stylish, but also handy, just in case you need to whip out your pocket square to wipe down your DIY french press. (Watch our video How to Fold a Classic Pocket Square)



pesko fold pocket square


Not just stylish, but razor sharp with it’s clean edge. Clean-cut and conservative, it’s the go to fold for formal dinners, black tie occasions, James Bond missions, business deals, or Senator races. If you don’t find yourself in one of these situations, but still choose to use the pesko fold, everyone will just simply know you as having great taste.



puff pocket square fold


The ultimate artists fold. The puff fold is all about the imperfect perfect. It requires a bit of experimentation to get what you’re looking for, but it’s exactly this that will give you your avant-garde appeal. Feel free to play with the subtlety of the soft, organic shape—it’ll be the true sculptor’s touch!


crown pocket square fold


The crown fold is essentially the puff fold turned upside down going from a sculptor, to a painter’s vision. The ultimate Basquiat crown that symbolizes a burst of creativity. Just like the puff fold, the imperfection is what makes the crown fold perfect. Best of all, it tells everyone about your stylish, brazen attitude without having to say a word. (Watch our video How to Fold a Three-Point Crown Pocket Square)



flower pocket square fold


For the sensitive, blooming soul, the flower fold is a must-have. One of the simplest folds, it also takes the most care to pull off to really give the fabric its blossom—perfect for your sensitivity.


Watch our videos and learn step-by-step how to fold a pocket square!
Classic Straight Fold
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