The Ultimate New Year's Eve Tuxedo

The Ultimate New Year's Eve Tuxedo

For the sake of this exercise, we’ll make three assumptions about what you want your New Year’s Eve tux to advertise:

  1. You, my friend, need to have a drink with this guy.

  2. You, my darling, need to be within kissing-distance at midnight.

  3. Everyone’s getting drunk here, but I’m keeping it together.

That in mind, we’ll build the most compelling New Year’s Eve suit fathomable from the Generation Tux collection.

The Suit: White Shawl Lapel Jacket ($110)

The single button white dinner jacket and black flat front Super 140s wool tuxedo make for a classic but not overly obvious look. The wool tuxedo, despite what you may think, is actually great for warm climates, if you happen to find yourself in the Southern hemisphere.

The Shirt: Black Spread Collar Twill Shirt ($20)

Your black shirt and black pants will couch the white sport coat perfectly. The black balance helps emphasize the white coat canvass.

The Tie: Black Polka Dot Tie ($10)

Your outfit’s personality takes shape with bubbly polka dots. They’ll sizzle up from your suit like champagne bubbles and add to your secret admirers’ buzz.

The Belt/Suspenders: Suspenders ($10)

This is a less-is-more move, but also a functional one. Let’s keep the suspenders camouflaged and make our statements elsewhere, and let’s make sure you’ve got room to expand the waist for unanticipated drunken munchies around the hors d'oeuvres.

The Shoes: Black Gloss Tuxedo Shoes ($20)

Survive the inevitable spillage with black gloss tuxedo shoes, which include slip-resistant soles and padded insoles for long nights shaking a leg. These classics also feature a modern silhouette and side profile for that extra panache that’ll keep eyes transfixed.

Accessories: Keyboard Cufflinks ($25 to purchase) and Blush Satin Pocket Square ($7 to purchase)

If there ever were a time to rock keyboard cufflinks, it’d be now. Advertise your affinity for the finer musical things in life with a subtle nod to the other kind of black and whites.

As per usual, the pocket square should and will steal the show. The blush satin pairs perfectly with the champagne in your glass, and your friends and onlookers will have no choice but to drink you in.

The Finished Product

You, sir, are ready to own the new year!