What Your Date Should Wear When You’re in a Tuxedo

What Your Date Should Wear When You’re in a Tuxedo

Hey nice tux bro! Good job.

But you’re only HALF the puzzle (if that).

Your date’s gotta and gonna look better, and that ain’t easy amigo. Her job is a thousandfold more complicated and difficult than yours. Be a sweetheart and help her through the ordeal with some basic tips.  

What She Probably Shouldn’t Be Wearing

Before we really get started, please be reminded that if she looks good, she looks good.

But if she’s new at this, you may stumble upon some red flags.

Sundresses are probably too casual. If it’s hot — tough luck, babe. Everyone’s going to be a little uncomfortable.

She should avoid red, but there are exceptions. Stylecaster suggests women “choose red gowns that are made from rich silky fabrics like chiffon or organza, as opposed to shiny satin or anything too stretchy, and always keep embellishments to a minimum.”

If the occasion is a wedding, don’t let her wear white. This will create a death-match between her and the bride that you do not want to witness. Trust me on this one.

Also: colors matter! Purple! Navy blue! Something loud if that’s her personality! Buuuuut she should avoid black if you’re in a black tux...

Her Gems

This is where you can truly have an impact.

Be the man behind the swag. When people inevitably ask about about her gorgeous necklace, you don’t want her dancing around the fact her ex-dude gifted her 24 karat love. Power play it.

If you're in a tux, she she needs to match your elegance. Pearls, anything rose gold, anything big and bold will be welcomed. Don't let her talk you into something subtle — especially if you’re playing it straight in a black tux. Remind her that you’re the basic-bitch foil to her brilliance.

Her Get-Up

Go long. In fact, longer the better.

Lauren Frankfort from Brides.com says “the rule of thumb should be a floor-length dress or a very formal cocktail dress.” There’s more to it — Stylecaster.com points out a very important caveat: “if you do go this route, just make sure to keep the colors rich (black, jewel tones, chic metallics, brown) so as not to look too casual.” There’s a time and a place for casual — this is not it.

Her ‘Do

Put it up! The shoulder and neck region should be reserved for above gems. That's jewelries real estate and you don't want to crowd the neighborhood. Promise her neck action.

There ya go. And please, please, please proceed with caution: your novice-level understanding of ballroom fashion will surely backfire if you don’t finesse your suggestions. Go the Jeopardy route and phrase everything in question form for survival’s sake.