Beer + Ninjas

Beer + Ninjas


Karen and Randy are no strangers to fun times. That's why when it came time to plan their wedding they wanted for their guests to have a great time. Both the ceremony and reception took place in their favorite brewery. The bridesmaids were lovely in their navy blue floor-length dresses and accompanied by the men in our charcoal suits, with gray shirts, a blue tie and a bold bright pink pocket square that complemented the ladies' bouquets.


Charcoal Suit Wedding Party by Generation Tux


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Charcoal Suit Groomsmen Wedding Look by Generation Tux


Look elements include:

Charcoal Notch Lapel Suit

Gray Spead Collar Shirt

Bright Pink Pocket Square

Blue Diagonal Dobby Tie


All photos courtesy of Kelsey Stewart of Ken Kienow Wedding Photography