Do Groomsmen Need to Wear the Same Tuxedo Style?

Do Groomsmen Need to Wear the Same Tuxedo Style?

Ok, let’s dissect one of the bigger wedding planning questions. Outfit coordination. How’s it done? What’s cheesy, what’s classy? What can grooms and groomsmen get away with, and who needs to match who? Well, here’s the simple, straightforward answer before we dive into some tips and details: You can do whatever you want.

Some people prefer coordination for consistent palettes for the event and the photos, but others would rather show their personality off a little bit. Once you’ve started planning and know your colors and theme a bit better and who your crowd is, this decision becomes a lot easier.

In general though, follow the ladies lead! If the bridesmaids are all wearing the exact same outfit, do the same. But what about matching the groom? Again, this depends on your wedding style and theme, but this is a popular option as the groom can spot his cohort in a flash. But, the groom is also the star, so make sure there’s something that makes him stand out—different tie, boutonniere, shoes, etc.

But what if the groom has an outfit he’s jazzed about and wants to stand out? Great! Then let the groomsmen shine in their handsome with tuxedos or suits that will complement the groom’s outfit in their accessory choice. And lastly, what if the bridesmaids are all wearing the same color, but different outfits? Answer: The boys should wear the same suit or tuxedo style and differentiate with their choice of accessory.

Get some inspiration from these dapper duds from our collection that will have your guys matched up in precision heaven, or have enough variety to make it feel like your own fashion runway show.