How To Dress For Your Company Holiday Party

How To Dress For Your Company Holiday Party

Tis the season for plaid!

Ready to show up and suit up at your company holiday party this year? Leave the ugly holiday sweaters at home (unless it’s a themed party, of course) and impress your colleagues with a fun yet sophisticated look for the big night. The key to a company event is moderation - whether it’s dressing or drinking. Remember, you’re going to have to look your boss in the eye on Monday morning.

With a little thought, you can be put together and festive at the same time -- promise. Just don’t blame us when you overdo it on the eggnog.



A velvet jacket or bowtie can go a long way at both casual and dressy holiday shindigs. Velvet is a rich fabric traditionally made of silk. Today it is also made from cotton and synthetic fabrics and is soft to the touch.

For a casual or cocktail-style event, try a velvet blazer, crisp white shirt, no tie and black slacks or dark jeans. Bonus points if it’s in a wine or purple color. You’ll look like a million bucks and will surely stand out amongst a sea of blue blazers and khakis!



Creative Black Tie

Is your holiday party a formal event? Lucky you. Now it’s time to break out the “creative black tie.”

What is creative black tie?

According to the venerable Emily Post, Creative Black Tie dressing consists of a “tuxedo combined with trendy or whimsical items, such as a black shirt or a matching colored or patterned bow tie and cummerbund.”

Company holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to dress formally with an added touch of personality.

Consider a brightly colored or patterned bow tie, cummberbund, or pocket square. Or maybe it’s time to try a white dinner jacket. Either way, you’ll make an impression - while staying classy.



If there’s ever a time to bust out the plaid, it’s now. Nothing pairs better with spiked apple cider and cinnamon cookies than a red or green plaid jacket, tie, shirt, or socks.

Just make sure you choose only one plaid item - too many and you’ll look like a poor man’s Santa Claus.

Are you ready to rock your company holiday party? Let’s do this thing! Who knows, maybe you’ll secure that holiday bonus. Cheers!