Pearl & James: A Northwest Fairytale

Pearl & James: A Northwest Fairytale

Gentux Real Wedding

Tell us a bit about your love story: We've been together for 10 years and our love only grew stronger and deeper through all the ups and down of life. We decided that during our 10th year together, it would be even more meaningful to mark the anniversary with the next milestone - getting married! We're more in love than ever and so excited for the next chapter of our commitment and life together.


What made your wedding day special? Everything, haha! We planned the wedding ourselves and did a lot of DIY special touches like the 'Just Married' flower wall. My girlfriends and I had a fun afternoon with mimosas and hot glue gun and glued over 400 flowers to make the flower wall ourselves!  A dear friend also enlisted her sister to do all the gold calligraphy on the welcome mirrors and table numbers. Our favorite and most special part was chartering a 1940s Rolls Royce to cruise around Seattle while our guests enjoyed cocktail hour. It gave us a special time for just the two of us right after the ceremony to be in the moment and take a moment to enjoy each other.


Did you have any family wedding traditions you included in your day? I wore traditional Chinese dress called the Qipao in red, which is the traditional Chinese wedding dress color. My parents and relatives from both sides of the family gave us gold trinkets as wedding presents which I wore to accessorize with the red Qipao.


Were there any special touches to your day that would like to share? Oh! I do love my custom wedding shoes from Ellie Wren. I had so much fun designing them and love wearing them out now for special occasions.  It's a splendid and practical memorabilia!  And I can't leave without mentioning our delicious honey lavender wedding cake! It was so unique and we got so many compliments from guests about how amazing it was!


Tell us about your wedding party: We decided to go with an unofficial wedding party. We had two maid of honors and two best men, and then asked our 14 dearests family and friends to show up a little earlier for portraits.


How did you choose your venue? I've always been curious about Pacific Tower because it shines like a castle on the hill at night from the freeway. When my former boss told me it recently became available to the public for events, I jumped at the opportunity! It is a beautiful historic art deco building with amazing views of the city.


Photographer: La Vie Photography


British Motor Coach


Alice's Floral Designs

Sucre Sweets Boutique

Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes