How to Create a Wedding Group

How to Create a Wedding Group


You've picked THE dress. Bridesmaids are set. Now onto the men in the wedding party.  This video will show you how to create, organize and manage a wedding group on step by step. We know that this probably the first time you do this, and it can be overwhelming when managing tuxedo rentals for the groom, groomsmen, ringbearer, dads, etc. We're here to help you every step of the way.

The easiest way to get started when creating a wedding group is to start with the event.  If you scroll down the main page on our site you will see the ‘Organize Event’ link.  The event page that comes up will help you create your wedding event, so go ahead and fill in all of the information.


Organize Event Generation Tux


Type in a name for your event, then choose the date, and choose wedding as the type of event.  The next field and drop down menu is to identify your role.  This role will be tied to this account so the best option to start with for a wedding group is to choose Groom as the role, and then answer yes for the question as to whether you are creating an outfit for yourself.  When you are done filling in every field, click on the ‘Next’ button.



The window that pops up will be where you create your account.  Again, the best option is to use the groom's information when filling this out.  After you have entered all of the information go ahead and click on ‘Register Now.’



Notice that it takes you to your event page.  This page will contain all of the information about the event you just created.  If you click on the view details link, you can see more details about the event.  Since the proper way to create an account is to use the name of the person who is wearing the garments, the groom is the only one listed as event owner.  To add someone as an event co-owner, click on this ‘Edit Event Details’ link.  You can have as many co-owners as you think are necessary - like the bride, maid of honor or even wedding planner.  When you are done adding co-owners make sure to click on the save button.  If you click on the event details again, this time you will see any co-owners names listed as well.



Since we are on your event page, let’s add a look for the groom.  Under each role will be labeled boxes for each garment type.  If you click on each box, you will then be taken to the options for that garment type.  By selecting one and clicking on the ‘Rent This’ button you will be adding it to the outfit for this role.



You can continue to add garments for each box, or the easiest way to do this is to click on the ‘Get Started’ button to be taken to our amazing GenTux Studio.  This is where you can add garments to a bust that will help you visualize the whole outfit.




Notice that it pulled the tux that we chose before and already placed that on the bust.  Along the left side of the screen are the garment types listed.  Clicking on each garment category will bring up a visual menu showing you all of the Generation Tux choices for that garment type.  To add garments to the bust, simply click on your choice.  Proceed the same way through all of the garment choices and don’t forget to add some great accessories to make your look stand out.  Notice also that as you add garment items, the subtotal amount will keep accumulating and show you the current rental price for all the items that you’ve chosen.


When you are done and have added all of your garment choices, click on the ‘Rent This’ button.  This will take your choices from the bust and add them into each individual box on your event page.  You can see everything that you will be renting and see also anything that you might have missed.  You can change any item or continue to add garments until you are satisfied with your whole look.  



From here, you can also add more roles for this event by clicking on the ‘Add Another Role’ link.  It creates that role, creates the empty boxes just like it did for the groom, and you can choose individual items just like we did before, or there is a great shortcut.  Let me show you how to do that.  Scroll all the way to the top and jump straight to the Gentux Studio, let’s create a look that will be used for other members of the wedding party.



Once you have created your look for the other members of the wedding party, when you click on the ‘Rent This’ button, it opens up a window and asks for more information.  Notice at first, there are only two fields to fill in, but as soon as you identify this as a wedding event, another field with a drop down menu appears, and within that menu you will see the wedding event that you have already created.  That way you can associate this look with that wedding event.  The last field asks you to identify the role who will be wearing this look.  The awesome thing about this is that right here you can assign this look to the role that we created, but if you forgot a role and haven’t created it yet, you can actually click it here and this will create those roles for this event and assign this look to them.


You are taken right back into that event, and you can see that the garments for each role have now been added.  That’s the easiest way to get a consistent look for the entire wedding party.  From here, you can modify those looks if needed by deleting items and adding any new item.  The last step before you leave is to assign contacts for all of your roles.


That’s how easy it is to create an entire wedding group on  If you still have questions, please call our Concierge Services: 1.844.726.4889