2017 Top Honeymoon Destinations

2017 Top Honeymoon Destinations

Where To Go On Your Honeymoon

The best part about planning your honeymoon is that it can be a trip that’s just about the two of you - you can plan an adventure that’s 100% geared towards your interests and celebrating your relationship.

That wasn’t historically the case. According to Mental Floss, “while most couples today travel on their honeymoon to be alone, it wasn’t always that way. Couples in 19th century Britain used their honeymoon to go on a bridal tour, where the pair traveled to visit friends and family who could not attend the wedding ceremony.” At least now you don’t have to worry that your Aunt is going to interrupt anything...

When starting to plan, consider what type of trip reflects you both the best. Do you have any bucket list places you’ve been putting off? Do you want to sit poolside with a Mai Tai or do something daring? Both are completely valid options. You just survived wedding planning and you deserve a break.

Here are some travel spots to consider, including a few from the 2017 Best Places to Travel list recently released from Travel + Leisure.

  • Beach

    • Thailand: In Thailand you can get the best of both worlds: stunning beaches and exciting city life. Don’t forget to visit the markets, take a cooking class, and get multiple Thai massages.

    • Bermuda: Bermuda will be playing host to the 35th America’s Cup late this spring and has been undergoing major renovations the past few years. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is among the renovation list with $100 million in renovations and is one of the top beach locations on Travel + Leisure's Top Places to Travel in 2017 list.



  • City

    • Seattle and Portland: Visit one or both of these Northwest cities for awesome outdoor activities, lively breweries (so, so many breweries), music and art scene, and amazing food.

    • Nashville: This southern city is celebrating a lot in 2017. The historic Ryman Auditorium is celebrating 135 years and the Country Music Hall of Fame is celebrating 50! Nashville is also home to amazing food and several new hotels. If you’re looking for a good time with good eats, be sure to add Nashville to your list!



  • Outdoors

    • Yosemite: This national park is worth a visit anytime, but especially during your honeymoon. You can choose to camp if that’s your style, or go for luxury at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly the Ahwahnee) - an upscale hotel that opened in 1927.

    • Jackson Hole, Wyoming: With access to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Jackson Hole is a serious treat for any outdoorsy honeymooner. Schedule your trip in mid to late August to experience the total solar eclipse on the 21st. Witness nature in all it’s beauty with this trip!



  • Off The Beaten Path

    • Safari in Africa: If you’ve always wanted to spot the Big 5, then your honeymoon is a great opportunity to leave everything behind and take off on safari. There are countless tour operators across the continent - do your research to find the one that works for your goals and budget.  

    • La Paz, Bolivia:  “Once beleaguered by frequent strikes, roadblocks, and a paucity of amenities, the backpacker haven of La Paz has emerged as a true culture capital,” according to Travel + Leisure. The city has added a network of aerial trams that allow you to travel across the city in just minutes and their newest hotel, Atix, just opened where all hotel rooms double as art galleries. So if you’re looking to celebrate your honeymoon with amazing food, modern art and an unbelievable culture scene, look no further than La Paz, Bolivia.



  • Close to Home

    • Staycation: If you can’t afford the trip or time off right after your wedding, we recommend a staycation. Rent a hotel room or Airbnb near home and explore your city as a tourist (or stay in - it’s your honeymoon, after all). You can even have an incredible honeymoon break in your own home. Vow to turn off your cell phones, cook special meals, and ignore the laundry. Your big travel experience can wait!

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