5 Alternatives to a Traditional Corsage

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Corsage

For most people attending prom, or at least for the fellas, the question of which corsage to get is one of the most important (and perhaps the most stressful). What type of flower should I get? What color should it be? When should I order it? When should I pick it up? These are probably a few of the questions you’re thinking about. But while you may be asking these questions with the traditional wrist corsage in mind, there are some great alternatives to traditional corsages that’ll make you and your date the belle of the ball. 

Shoulder corsage

If you want an alternative to the traditional corset, but one that’s equally classy, then the shoulder corsage is your go-to. Generally speaking, this consists of an over the shoulder corsage that sits atop the shoulder strap of a dress. More elaborate shoulder corsages, however, can extend on down your back. For something more contemporary, there’s the upper arm wired corsage, which wraps stylishly around your upper arm and features a subtler flower.

Corset bracelet

If you want to go next level on your corsage that’ll impress both your date and everyone else, the corset bracelet is for you, striking a balance between traditional corset and modern style. The corset bracelet is just that, part traditional flower corset and part jewelry. This is perhaps the most unique of the alternative corsets, as the jewelry can range from Victorian-style bracelet to bracelets that use unique accents like rhinestones or pearls.  

Put a ring on it

The ring corset is for those who want less of a bouquet on their arm and more of subtle flower that complements their outfit. However, since it’s on your finger, you may be considering more of an artificial arrangement, lest it get damaged before you even get to prom. The ring corset can be as simple as a flower bud and artificial foliage, to something more elaborate that covers multiple fingers.

Flower crown

Because who doesn’t like a flower crown? The upside to a flower crown is that while a local florist can help customize and put this together for you based off your interests and dress, you could also do it yourself at home. Generally speaking, white and pink flowers often make the best complementary flower crowns. Etsy, too, has a lot of inspiration for flower crowns, and even a number of flower crowns you can buy yourself.  

Flower hair clip

Last, but not least, is the flower hair clip. This is really the minimalist example of all the alternative corsages, for someone who wants that class of a traditional corsage, but with less of the pomp. This can be as simple as an orchid flower you pin in your hair, or something more elaborate that you have your local florist customize, such as a flower with foliage, pearls, and other arrangements