7 Prom Tips for Guys

7 Prom Tips for Guys

Let’s be honest, going to prom is easier said then done. What’s already an anxious and stressful season of one’s life, the “high school years,” is exacerbated by the stresses of prom. Who should I ask to prom? How should I ask them? What should I wear? These are just a few of the questions that guys are probably asking themselves, and they are all questions you have to have answered long before prom itself. So today we’re coming to you guys with prom tips that’ll make your prom more stress-free (both for you and your date).

Get creative with your prom date ask. And no, asking your date on Snapchat doesn’t count as being creative. You don’t exactly have to build your date a cake, like Pedro did in Napoleon Dynamite, but you can do something creative that shows your date that you care and are invested in the experience. Dust off the guitar and put it to use, or even something as simple as flowers is a nice gesture that kicks things off on the right foot. How could they say no to that?

Set expectations. From the time you ask your date to prom, all the way through the entire prom experience, make sure you’ve communicated expectations. This includes everything from communicating about what you’re wearing to budget expectations to how you plan on the big night progressing. In other words, don’t just ask a date to prom but then not communicate about it again until the day of.

Be properly fitted for a tuxedo. For both guys and girls, what you wear to prom is often the make or break moment. Similarly to the above note, be sure to communicate first and foremost with your date. For example, don’t just show up on your date’s doorstep in a white tuxedo with a cane and top hat. Make sure you’ve both communicated about what you’re wearing. Furthermore, take the time weeks in advance to pick out a suit, get measured, and rent it.  This is where Generation Tux comes in. From your phone you can set your prom date and start building your own tux with our pre-styled looks (or customize your own), get measured (and in some markets have a tailor sent to your home), and have the tuxedo at your doorstep at least seven days before your prom (with time for adjustments if needed). It’s like your uber for style.

Go to prom with a group. If there’s anything that coming-of-age movies has taught us, it’s that prom is more fun with a group. After all, you only do prom once (or up to four times for some). The great thing about going with a group is that it can help offset some of the planning and costs, and more generally, make things like dinner and any after parties all the more fun. Ideally this would be some of your closer friends who have similar interests and ideas in the way of dinner, transportation, and after-prom activities. 

Pool your group’s resources on prom night for transportation. Organizing transportation, like a limo, for your date and group of friends is obviously the most popular choice. And it’s for good reasons, not the least of which is that it’s not everyday that you can ride in a limo, and it’s safer and more reliable. If you’re using a car service, such as Uber or Lyft, for example, you typically have the option of splitting the fare right on your phone with other friends. Generally speaking, splitting a limo with a group of friends could be as low as $10-$20 per hour per person. Remember, however, to tip your driver.

Make restaurant reservations weeks in advance. That’s right, you should be going to a restaurant on the night of prom that takes reservations. Feel your date and group out first to see where they’d like to go to narrow down the choices. Perhaps most importantly is making your reservation weeks in advance. Being both a weekend night and prom night, chances are that others want to go to the restaurant that you want to go to, also. OpenTable is a good place to start, featuring an online reservation system of thousands of restaurants. Alternatively, Reserve is a great app in large cities, as they can often help you get reservations at restaurants that are hard to get into or that are already booked on your prom night (for a nominal fee).

Ask your date about her corsage wishes. Fellas, this is your one fashion and style responsibility for your date for prom, so it’s important to get it right. However, as nice as it would be, there’s not just one universal corsage. You have a lot of options, such as type of corsage, including pin-on, wristlet, and small bouquet. And then there’s the choice of color, which should compliment your date’s look. Consider asking your date what she’d prefer, as she may even want to help you pick it out.