9 Icebreakers for Prom Night

9 Icebreakers for Prom Night

Don’t be paralyzed by the specter of the awkward silence. The best way to combat those dreaded moments: be prepared with talking points! Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you get through the night unscathed by silence.

  1. Notice something about her outfit and pay her the requisite compliment. Sounds simple and obvious, but the rest of the following advice won’t matter if you don’t handle business immediately. Show her you're aware and evolved and have decent taste. Does her hair look amazing? She’s probably spent half her day prepping it—give her the opportunity to talk about it! Does her dress look absolutely riveting? There’s a story behind that, too—tell her she looks killer and ask her how she picked it.  

  2. Corsage talk! Your compliment above will segue perfectly into your corsage. But be prepared to actually say something about the corsage while you apply it to her address. Learn the names of the flowers and some of their attributes to prove you're not just going through the motions here. She’ll be delighted you gave a damn enough to learn something like the fact that rose bushes can live as long as 1,000 years (it’s true: http://didyouknow.org/a-dozen-interesting-facts-about-roses/).

  3. Tell her something interesting or fun about the book you're reading. Seriously! She won't think you're boring if you show genuine enthusiasm for what you're reading, and that you're actually serious about doing something with your mind after high school. Nobody wants to be at prom with the guy who never picked up a book.

  4. Make your friends take photos of yourselves. Once an hour. Don’t go overboard, but make a point to make the rounds and document the evening with pride. The message to her is obvious: my date is super cute and we’re having more fun than everyone else. An easy win.

  5. Seek out a chaperone with her. Tell her you find talking to adults more interesting than talking to other kids, because let’s face it, they just know more. Ask your friends mom to let you know if she needs any help keeping your peers in line. They won’t take you up on it; there’s no downside! But your date will realize you’re mature enough to converse with adults as equals.

  6. Talk music! Figure out a song you both love—it may take awhile, but you’ll find something. Take that song directly to the DJ with a $5 bill and prepare to sing every word of it together.

  7. Tease a gift. Tell her you’ve got a surprise for her at your post-prom party (don’t be creepy about it, assure her it’s innocent). Research her interests beforehand and get a gift to thank her for spending such a special evening with you.

  8. Ask for her opinion on some important life decisions you have on the horizon. Not sure where you’re going to college? Tell her your options, and ask her what she would do. Not sure about where you want to travel to this summer? Considering joining a fraternity at school but want to know what a cool girl like her would think about it? Perfect opportunity!

  9. Tell her about your favorite prom scene in a movie. You can’t go wrong with the scene from There’s Something About Mary when Ben Stiller’s Ted has an unthinkable zipper accident (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnel0x_there-s-something-about-mary-getting-ready-for-the-prom_fun). Honorable mentions include Chuck Sherman’s tough night in American Pie (http://www.vh1.com/news/84833/15-greatest-prom-scenes/) and Marty McFly shredding in Back to the Future (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1i5coU-0_Q).