Do's & Don'ts: Prom Style for Guys

Do's & Don'ts: Prom Style for Guys

Guys, I know what you may be thinking. If I’m wearing a tuxedo, just how wrong could it go? Well you’d be surprised. Just ask the girl whose date showed up in an all-pink tuxedo. While fashion is largely reserved for the ladies on prom, there are still some prom fashion tips that guys should take into account. So today I come to you with a few do’s and don’ts for guys on prom night.


Do get fitted. For a select number of guys, they are blessed with older siblings or cousins who have hand-me-down tuxedos or suits that fit like a glove. However, for everyone else, you’ll want to get fitted. You can typically just do this with the help of a friend and some measuring tape lying around. Generation Tux has you covered, too, with tutorials and a free measuring tape offer.

Do plan accordingly. In other words, don’t wait until the week before prom to start planning your prom attire. You’ll want to get fitted for a suit or tuxedo at least a couple months in advance, and then try it on days in advance so that you have time to make any necessary adjustments. One of the upsides of using Generation Tux is that you’ll receive your suit a week early, giving you plenty of time to try it on and make any necessary adjustments (and to take a selfie, obviously).

Do learn to tie a tie. Learning to tie a tie is kind of like a rite of passage for young men. But we understand that that’s easier said then done. So get some practice in days before, and reference tutorials on learning to tie a tie. If you do finally get that perfect knot after a lot of tries, then keep it tied and slip it on when the big night comes.

Do accessorize, but tastefully. Guys, your date isn’t the only one who gets to accessorize. Even if you’re wearing a tuxedo, you can accessorize, but just do it tastefully. Think about accessories that either complement what you’re wearing or complement what your date is wearing, such as a tie that you both pick out together, or a tie bar.

Do break your shoes in. Shoes are make or break on prom night, even for guys. Perhaps the worst for guys is getting a blister on the back of their feet where the edge of the shoe rubs against their feet. To prevent this, properly get fitted for shoes, and then once you have them, break them in the week of prom.


Don’t wear Chucks to your formal. Leave your Chuck Taylor’s and Jordan’s at home on the night of prom. Yes, they are really comfortable, but when it comes to prom night and taking pictures, you (and your date and family) will be glad you dressed to the nines. Unless your date rocks Chucks, then by all means, go ahead.

Don’t wear a hanky if you’re gifted a boutonniere. That’s hanky as in handkerchief we’re talking about. While the pocket square is so classy when wearing a suit, wearing it alongside a boutonniere can be a little too much going on. If you arrive to pick up your date and she pulls out a boutonniere to pin on, perhaps just tuck the hanky into your pocket and save it for another occasion. You’ll have plenty of chances to wear a pocket square, but not as many chances to wear a boutonniere.

Don’t forget your cufflinks and studs. Similar to some of the points above, if you’re wearing a suit, the cufflinks and studs are a classy addition. If you’re not using some hand-me-downs or the ones that come with the tuxedo, you can find some unique styles that are still tasteful, but not over the top. This is the one accessory for guys that it’s hard to go over the top with.

Don’t overdue it. Unless your date asks, or it’s simply your style, leave the top hat and cane at home. Also, maybe leave anything pink for your date. The point here is simply don’t go over the top. Getting properly fitted, and even going shopping for a tuxedo or suit with you date will help avoid this.

Don’t forget the corsage. Last, but not least, don’t forget the finishing touch for your date, the corsage. This, beyond asking out your date, is perhaps the biggest stress for guys. However, this is the one thing you’ll want to get some input on from your date, as there are a lot of different types, styles, and colors. Not to mention that it’s your date, and not you, that has to wear it all night.