A Guy's Prom Planning Timeline

A Guy's Prom Planning Timeline

Fellas, prom, much like life, doesn’t exactly come with an instruction manual or day planner. When should I ask my date out? When should I get my tuxedo? When should I make restaurant reservations? These are just a few questions you probably have. So we’re giving you answers with a prom timeline and checklist.

4 Months

Ask out your date. The early bird gets the best prom date. Alright, so perhaps that’s not a saying. But with this being the most stressful part of prom (if you’re not already dating someone), you’ll want to get a jump on this before someone else does. Think about a creative way to ask (here's a few ideas), which means not texting or Snapchatting your potential date to ask them out. If you’re going with friends, start making and confirming those plans a few months ahead of time.

3 Months

Book a car service. Yes, even before you get fitted for a suit or tuxedo, you’ll want to book a limo or other car service. While you shouldn’t have to worry about a shortage of tuxedos, you don’t want to have to worry about a shortage of limos, lest the closest limo is several hours away.

Get fitted for a tuxedo/suit.  While getting fitted for a tux has some leeway, you’ll want to go ahead and pick it out and get fitted, and then also make time to try it on well in advance in case there are any adjustments needed. One of the benefits of Generation Tux is that you can largely do this without ever having to go into a shop, and even receive your suit seven days in advance to give you plenty of time to try it on.

Book restaurant reservations. Since prom is traditionally on a weekend night, you can expect that if there’s a restaurant you want to go to, then there are a lot of other people who want to go there too. Therefore, book your restaurant reservations far in advance. Consider using an app like OpenTable to book your restaurant reservation.

6-8 Weeks

Get your prom tickets. Timing for this will vary by prom, but many schools have an allotted number, so you’ll want to get your tickets ahead of time. Don’t be the guy who remembers everything but the tickets.

Coordinate with your family and friends. On the actual day of prom itself, there will be a lot to coordinate when you think of taking photos, arranging transportation, picking up your date, making dinner on time, going to prom, and attending any after-prom festivities. Start coordinating this with friends ahead of time to make it one less thing to stress about the last week or two before prom.

1 Month

Pick out a corsage. While it’s not time to actually pick up the corsage, by now you should be able to at least narrow it down based off your date’s interest and what she’s wearing. Want some ideas for a corsage alternative? Click here. You won’t actually pick it up until the week of prom. 

1-2 Weeks

Break in your shoes. While guys don’t have the challenge of shoes that girls do, you’ll still want to break in the shoes you’re wearing. Don’t wear them so much that you may scuff them up before prom, but get your feet used to wearing a nice new pair of shoes to help ward off discomfort on the night of prom.

Try on your suit/tux and make any adjustments. Even more important than breaking in new shoes is trying on your tuxedo or suit several days in advance to make sure it fits and to make any necessary adjustments. By using Generation Tux, you’ll receive your suit seven days in advance.

Call and confirm appointments for prom day. While you’ve already made restaurant reservations, booked a limo, and any other appointments, this is a good time to just confirm appointments and plans with those places and all of your friends and family.

1-2 Days

Pick up your corsage. Pick up your date’s corsage either on the day of or the day before prom and put it in the refrigerator to keep fresh.

Get your haircut. Getting your “hair done” isn’t exactly the same for guys as it is for girls. However, make this the one day you actually take some care with your hair.

Have fun and be on time. Both of these points should go without saying, but it’s prom, and the chance doesn’t exactly come around again. Make sure you honor your reservations and engagements (and don’t forget photos), but above all else, this should be one of the most fun nights of your life.