How to Arrive at Prom in Style


how to arrive at prom in style
This couple scored a ferrari (though he could use some help with his tie!)

How to Arrive at Prom in Style

While rolling to prom in your hooptie 1976 AMC Pacer is as classy as classy gets – after all, it worked for Wayne and Garth – we think there’s plenty of other ways to pimp your ride this prom season. From the classic limo rental to some more experimental approaches here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hot Air Balloon

For $150 to $200 you could potentially take a hot air balloon to the prom (or nearby the prom – wherever the wind takes you). The only challenge is that they generally operate two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. It kind of narrows your window, and you’re not showing up anywhere near to where the prom kicks off. But they do it on the Bachelor!



You normally have to have a credit card and be 25 to rent a car… But surely you can figure out some way around those rules (they’re more like guidelines anyway) to rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari or other Italian-born rocket ship. It costs anywhere from $400-1000 with local exotic car rental agencies. For a little more cheddar you could rollup in a 1970 Barracuda… tasty!


Limo recommends six hours for prom limo rentals. Stretch limos cost about $16-$34 per person per hour. Escalades and other SUV type rides are about the same. The World’s Most Ridiculous Limos (including stretch Ferraris and plenty of hot tubbery) will certainly cost a little more. When in doubt, order an Uber, get a Lyft, take a tandem bike ride, or just call somebody willing to drive you. Take pictures of the limo after the night so they don’t hose you on your deposit… And don’t puke in the back… otherwise they might hose you on your deposit. Other questions you should probably ask before committing: What’s the minimal rental time? When does it start? Are you going to charge me if I eat the nuts? Do I need to tip? Can I see it first? Is there a surcharge to play my Michael Bolton CDs?


Horseback and Buggy

Arrive like Prince Charming in a white carriage drawn by two horses for a throwback charmer that’s classic and romantic. It’s not cheap renting a horse and buggy. They cost about $500 to $1000 for an event, and can only take you around 1.5 miles. The other option is to hop on a carriage ride in your downtown area – it’ll cost for anywhere from $50-100 on your way to dessert – then hop back in your car. Why would you kick out this amount of cash for a short ride behind a horse? It’s simple… chicks dig horses.



This one is totally money. Arrive in an R44 helicopter for the ultimate in playboy indulgence and sophistication. They cost anywhere from $600 to $1000 an hour, so don’t expect a lot of time in the air, but if everybody’s got the bones to throw down, this is truly an amazing way to get around. Here are some options. The one problem, the rotors have to be running when you get in, so expect your hair to get messed up… we mean really messed up. You may remember back to the 1980s, when The Cosby Show was the most popular thing on TV. In episode 23 of season 4, Theo decided to take a flying lesson to save the money on a helicopter rental to get him and his crew to prom. It ended up going totally haywire (not unlike the careers of most of the Cosby Show stars).  

Other ideas

Here’s a few more ideas to get you started.

  1. Take your own car. It will only cost you gas.
  2. Have your Mom drive you… Just to prom, take a cab or Uber home, trust us on this one.
  3. One of those weird group bike thingies.
  4. Hoverboard… Even priests are doing it.
  5. Tricycle race, but only if you do it Revenge of the Nerds Style.
  6. Tuk-Tuk. Not sure who has to pull.
  7. Train (for city dwellers and ferroequinologists)
  8. Snowmobile (for mountain dwellers), skidoo (for Canadian mountain dwellers)
  9. Boat (you could always throw in a sunset cruise)
  10. Buzz-60 take.