The Ultimate Prom Tuxedo


ultimate prom tuxedo
Wear this and you'll be the envy of everyone at prom

The Ultimate Prom Tuxedo

Build Your Own

Your prom photos will follow you for the rest of eternity. They will. So you have two one option: look better than everyone else. It might seem daunting, but winning Best Dressed at Prom is easier than you think. You can do it without leaving your home, thanks to services like Generation Tux. But you do need tips. You need guidance. And we got you.


The Suit: Black Peak Lapel Tux ($110)

Face it, you’ve been too busy studying for finals and applying to colleges to hit the gym. The Black Peak Lapel tux has your back….er shoulders. This tux narrows the waist and widens the shoulders, giving the impression you’ve carved the pecks into a man’s body. You’re off to a strong start here.


The Shirt: Black Spread Collar Twill Shirt ($20)

Keep the canvass black and let the accoutrements do the talking later. The black-on-black canvass will pay off. Trust the process.


The Vest: White Vest ($10)

Here’s where your potential as a distinguished gentleman starts to take shape. The white vest atop the black canvass screams “this guy is going places,” and the satin twill finish will have the girls lining up for slow dances.


Tie: Black Polka Dot Tie ($10)

Few accessories mesmerize like a black polka dot tie on a black shirt. Anytime you can take a simple pattern and make it fashion-forward, you’ve gotta do it.


Shoes: Black Dress Shoes ($20)

You’re gonna need these slip-resistant soles. Go to great lengths to avoid eating it on the dance floor, which assuredly would qualify as a lifelong scar. Bonus points here, as these classic black dress shoes are designed for style and comfort.



White and Silver Studs

White and silver studs are the easiest way to separate yourself from the pack. They’ll complement the polka dots and leave your classmates wondering if you’ve been this sophisticated all along.


Lapel Pins

Don’t do it! That’s where your corsage is going! HOWEVER, if you’re going stag, lapel pins=power plays.


Ruby pocket square ($10)

There comes a time in a young man’s life when he learns women respond disproportionately well to red (it’s science). That time is now.


Orange Multi Shade Pin Dot Socks ($10)

Sometime between the moment you were conceived and this very moment, socks became the most important way to reveal your personality. In Silicon Valley, where board rooms are filled with kids, the outlandish sock has become essential. But we’re seeing style trend back to a more classic, simplified approach, where thought trumps irony. Show people you thought about it, and keep the dotted print trend going.


Silver Knot Cufflinks ($25)

Cufflinks pair brilliantly with the previously suggested silver studs. Slap these bad boys on and you’ll be a complete package.